Find all of the tactical gear that you need in order to be prepared. At TAC5, we design and manufacture only the highest quality survival products that you can use when the going gets tough.

In addition to holsters and batteries for our TAC-1200 flashlights and our tactical pens, we also offer 550 paracord bracelets with built in compasses, firestarters, and multi-tools, along with paracord keychains that offer the same helpful survival tools.

The TAC5 combat card brings 14 survival tools, including a length of 550 lb. paracord, into one small package that you can fit into your wallet and our emergency foil blanket is a lightweight mylar sheet that can be used as a shelter or as protection from inclement weather while camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing.

The TAC5 military first aid kit comes in a sturdy bag and has everything you need to treat injuries wherever you are. To make sure you’re able to take care of yourself while traveling, we sell an emergency car survival kit with everything you need to get your car back on the road.

At TAC5, we take your safety and survival seriously which is why we offer such high-quality survival and tactical gear at such great prices.

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