TAC5 is proud to offer the best high-lumen LED flashlights, headlamps, and flashlight pens at the absolute lowest prices. When you shop with us, you’re shopping with a company that puts quality first. All of our tactical flashlights are built with extra-tough materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and near-unbreakable lenses. We never skimp on the quality of electronics, either. Our TAC-1200, TAC-800 military-grade tactical flashlights, along with the HDL-1200 high-lumen headlamp, are built using Cree LED lamps. Cree has long been recognized as the absolute best provider of LEDs on the planet and we pick their components so that we know our flashlights will keep working when you need them the most.

TAC5 makes flashlights that help you maintain situational awareness at all times by illuminating even the darkest spaces with up to 1200 lumens. Thanks to IP-standard construction, the TAC-1200, TAC-800, and HDL-1200 are also highly water-resistant, which makes them great for hunting trips, fishing excursions, and hiking.

Members of the military, police officers, firefighters, and other first responders trust our tactical flashlights when they’re most needed, so you can, too. Shop with TAC5 today.

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