TAC5 is proud to offer our already spectacular high-lumen LED flashlights in these handy kits that make it easier to store our flashlights long term while also maximizing the lumen output by including rechargeable lithium ion batteries and battery chargers in a sturdy carrying case. When you pick up one of these tactical flashlight kits, you’re receiving an unbeatable deal on some of the brightest flashlights that are commercially available (1200 lumens for the TAC-1200 and 320 lumens for the TAC-800).

In addition to unbeatable brightness, our flashlights are built with components that are made to last. The Cree LED lamps we use are designed for 100,000+ hours of use, and the flashlight bodies (made from super-durable aircraft-strength aluminum) will shrug off all of the damage you try to throw at them. Our military-grade tactical flashlights are also waterproof. Go ahead and drop them, freeze them, run them over — they’ll keep working.

When you need tactical gear for a bug out bag, a shelter, or as part of your camping, hunting, hiking, or fishing gear, shop with TAC5. We never skimp on the quality of our products because we know how important it is to ensure your ability to see in the dark.

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